Ross Memorial Hospital - Auxiliary

Director of Volunteer Services:
705-324-6111 ext 6236


Services to the Hospital

Reflections Café

Reflections Café is run by the Auxiliary and is located at the main entrance. The Cafe offers both hot and cold beverages, as well as soup, sandwiches, muffins and other light refreshments.  

Reflections Gift Shop

Reflections Gift Shop is operated by the Ross Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and offers a large selection of items, including gifts, toys, books, magazines, postage stamps, candy, toiletries, sleep wear and children's wear, as well as an array of knit baby items and baby quilts, which have been hand-made by our talented volunteers. Visit the Gift Shop located at the main entrance.

Information Desk

Ross Memorial's Information Desk is located at the main entrance and is staffed by the Auxiliary. The Information Desk provides information on services and directions to patient rooms and areas within the Hospital. Volunteer applications can also be found at the Information Desk.

Tuck Cart

For those who are unable to visit the Gift Shop, Hospital volunteers operate a Tuck Cart, which makes regular visits to the patient areas and carries a wide variety to items.

Patient Care

Volunteers are involved in most patient care areas throughout Ross Memorial, assisting staff and patients in any way they can. These areas include Ambulatory Care Unit, After Hours Clinic, Complex Continuing Care, Cardio Rehabilitation, out patient surgery, diagnostic imaging, emergency department, infection control, medical unit, mental health, obstetrics, paediatric surgery, physiotherapy department, occupational health and safety, obstetrics, and pastoral care.

Hospital Elder Life Program - HELP

HELP volunteers keep patients orientated. Through visits and chats about the date and current events, they help keep elderly patients’ minds clear. Hospitals are noisy and busy, which can cause confusion in some patients. This interaction by the HELP volunteers can prevent the onset of delirium. Maintaining the patients’ mobility is also important to their recovery. HELP volunteers also accompany the patients to the dining hall for recreation therapy. Sometimes they play cards or board games. They help patients to open their food containers at meal time and encourage them to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration.

If you're a "people person", please consider becoming a HELP volunteer. Contact Marsha Coombs at 705-324-6111 ext 5212.

Other Services

From time to time the Auxiliary is called upon to assist in other ways. Volunteers assist public health nurses at ‘Flu Shot clinics”. They act as guides for hospital tours, deliver flowers, take messages and pass on information, and carry out many other tasks when asked to do so by the hospital administration.