Ross Memorial Hospital - Auxiliary

Director of Volunteer Services:
705-324-6111 ext 4530

Auxiliary Board & Administration

Board of Directors

President Ward Levine
1st Vice President Vacant
Board Secretary Nancy Skopyk
Director of Finance Robert Easton
​Director of Business Affairs Andra Gerry
Director of Recruitment Kevin Sawka
Director of Membership Vacant
Director of Volunteer Services  Deborah Boden
Director of Fundraising Linda Danaher
Director of Communications Gayle Westacott
Director at Large Barb Harrison
Director at Large Vacant


Managers and Assistants

Auxiliary Office Manager Karen Jepson
Cafe Manager Brian Wickens
Cafe Assistant Manager Bonnie Wickens & Beth Mills
Gift Shop Manager Shari Nash
Asst. Gift Shop Mgr Gayle Westacott
Database Manager Pat Presley



Patient Care Coordinator Linda Danaher
CCP Coordinator Kevin Sawka
VolunTEEN Coordinator Patricia Zahorec
HELPP Lottery Coordinator Marie Young
Info Desk & Tuck Cart Heather Newman
Vendor Program Barb Harrison



Awards Committee Chair Vacant
Newsletter Editor Dawna Mahood
Historian Eileen Cockburn
Photographer Vacant
Financial Officer Barb Harrison


Auxiliary Contact Extensions

Office Manager x4138
President x4367
Information Desk x4531
Gift Shop x4242
Cafe x4754
Volunteer Services x4530
Patient Care Coordinator x7103
Volunteen Coordinator x4386