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VolunTEEN Program

In addition to the many men and women, the Auxiliary has a very active VolunTEEN contingent. The Ross Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's VolunTEEN Program has been expanding and this trend is expected to continue. Community service is now a secondary school requirement and increasing numbers of teens are working towards careers in health care. Student volunteers also have an opportunity to apply for the Auxiliary's Student Achievement Award, which is for those who have served a specific number of hours volunteering within health care and who want to pursue a career in health care.

Student volunteers can be seen feeding patients, working in the Reflections Gift Shop and Café, delivering newspapers throughout the Hospital, and are integrated into as many areas of Hospital activity as is practical in relation to their school activities and our patients' needs.

VolunTEEN opportunities are divided into three categories:

  1. Retail VolunTEENs: These volunTEENs work in the café or in the gift shop.
  2. Patient Care VolunTEENs: These volunTEENs work in the medical or support areas of the hospital and generally, have more contact with the patients and staff.
  3. VolunTEENS also work at the Information Desk.

The VolunTEEN Program is for students aged 14 years and up. All volunTEENs are encouraged to make a serious commitment of their time to Ross Memorial Hospital.

If you are interested in applying for an opportunity with the Ross Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's VolunTEEN Program, please review the VolunTEEN Program Information and VolunTEEN Application Form below. 

VolunTEEN Application Letter / Program Information

VolunTEEN Application Form